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A proposal to remember for a long time
Jillian Crow & Patrick Smith

Jillian Crow's dog immediately fell in love with Patrick Smith. It would take her a couple weeks longer. It would take Patrick just as long.

They met three years ago through a mutual friend, David Bowman. David, Patrick, Jillian and Jillian's friend Katie Smith spent the night eating, riding golf carts and jumping on the trampoline.

"My dog would not stop jumping on him and licking him," Jillian said. "That night Patrick actually was hitting on Katie and got her number."

When the four friends traveled to Six Flags a few weeks later, the chemistry between Jillian and Patrick surfaced.

"Once we got home, he asked me to go on a date," Jillian said. "Our first date was May 13, 2010."

A year later, the couple celebrated their anniversary at the beach. Patrick planned to propose at sunset on the beach after dinner at Sea-n-Suds.

"I should have known something was up because he did not eat half of his food," Jillian said.

As they ate, a storm poured rain on Gulf Shores, canceling Patrick's plans for a sunset proposal. Instead, they went to see "Bridesmaids."

After the movie, with the sky clear, Patrick took Jillian back to the beach.

"I was walking in front of him and he said, ‘Hey you.' I turned around and he was down on one knee with the ring box opened," Jillian said. "I was so shocked I do not even remember what he said."

While his exact words remain unknown to Jillian, she knows her response. Speechless, she covered her mouth with her hands and shook her head yes.

The couple, who volunteers with the children at Moulton Baptist church and shares a love for Alabama football, plan to marry March 23. Jillian is from Priceville and Patrick is from Moulton.

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